In 2023, we will put in place an Advisory Board that can bring expertise that Daxap does not have through its current employees and board members. The Advisory Board will not have voting rights, but will have significant responsibility for challenging the board to make the right strategic decisions for the future.

Daxap's Advisory Board must maintain expertise in accounting, finance, marketing or legislation/tax, and preferably have networks in the private and public sectors. Each member must continuously provide input to the board and management team within their area of expertise within the limits of reasonableness. At the same time, the entire Advisory Board group will meet the board 4 times a year to work on strategic opportunities and challenges.

Diversity, both in terms of experience, background and gender, will be important for us to fulfill our potential and have as great a positive impact on society as possible. As a start-up company with founders from an immigrant background, we are always looking for people who can bring a different perspective to what we have today.

Roles and responsibilities for Advisory Board members

· Gain insight into the company, the market and the industry

· Give advice on topics given by the board

· Provide insight and reflections from a third party perspective

· Encourage and support new ideas

· Assist as resources for the board

· Give your network to the board and general manager

· Monitor how the company is performing

· Map challenges that can develop the company and increase the bottom line

Do you have unique experiences and perspective that can help a social entrepreneur in IT who is driven to create a positive effect in society? Then we want to hear from you!

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