About us

Daxap is a result-oriented and passionate team of professional developers, testers, marketers and project managers based in the Norwegian technology region, Melhus - Trøndelag.

At Daxap, we believe that digital transformation is the key to solving society's challenges. But we know that it can be difficult for public and private actors to take on the costs and responsibility for digital solutions. That is why we have created products that act as a bridge between you and the technology you need.

We are a social entrepreneurship company that wants to make your life easier with innovative apps and software. Our team works together to create user-friendly products tailored specifically to your needs.

Our mission is simple: We want to make people's lives better by giving them access to high-quality digital solutions.

We are proud to have collaborated with public and municipal authorities, schools and kindergartens as well as private businesses in the development of their digital solutions.


Anders Krohn
Chairman / CMO

Kubilay Kartal
Board member / CEO

Emirhan Sözan
Board member / CTO

Asım Emre Yılmaz
Operations Manager

Mustafa Gül

Ismail Kaya

Simen R. Andresen
Marketing manager

Tone Evensen

[email protected]

Tel. +47 98 33 90 44
Business Register 926 789 414