Daxap, as a social entrepreneur, plays an important role in the labor market by promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace. The company is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where employees with different backgrounds and experiences can thrive and contribute to the company's success. This is reflected in Daxap's recruitment strategy and their approach to work placements. By offering work placements, Daxap provides opportunities for candidates seeking work experience and practical training in a professional setting.

These internships are important for graduates who want to develop their skills and prepare for a career in their field. Daxap ensures that the candidates get to work on real projects and acquire knowledge using Agile methodology and the Scrum framework. This practical experience makes the candidates more attractive to potential employers and increases their chances of getting a job after the work experience. Daxap also prioritizes an inclusive and diverse workplace by employing employees with different backgrounds, cultures and experience. This contributes to a working environment that is rich in different perspectives, which leads to increased creativity, innovation and better problem solving. Such a workplace also promotes understanding and respect for differences, and contributes to a more inclusive society. In addition to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, Daxap collaborates with various organizations and players in social entrepreneurship, financing, research and development. This network of collaboration partners strengthens Daxap's ability to drive social innovation and create positive change in society.

Daxap's work placements have helped shape the careers of several individuals who have been successful after their time with the company. Two of these candidates, Mustafa and Ismail, were employed directly by Daxap as developers following their work practices. They continue to contribute to the company's success and the development of innovative digital solutions.

Another candidate, Murat Furuncu, had his work experience as a test developer in Daxap. After completing his internship, he got a job as a Software Test Engineer in Bouvet, a leading consulting company. Sarah Akyel, who had work experience as a test developer on the Kiddy project in Daxap, then got a job as a Junior Test Developer in Ruter AS, a company that focuses on public transport.

Umit Ceylan had his work experience as a Cloud Consultant at Daxap and went on to become a Cloud Consultant in Bspoke AS, a company that offers tailor-made IT solutions. Fatih Bati had his work experience as a data engineer and developed data analyzes for the Daxap and Kiddy project. Fatih works as a computer engineer in Aprila Bank. Finally had Altan Oak his internship as a developer on the Frivi project in Daxap, and after the internship he started working as a Cloud Consultant in Capgemini, a global IT and consulting company.

These success stories show how Daxap's work placements provide candidates with valuable experience and increase their chances of finding a job in a competitive labor market. Through its focus on social entrepreneurship and inclusion, Daxap provides opportunities for both personal and professional growth for its internship candidates, and at the same time contributes to strengthening the labor market and Norwegian society as a whole.

Daxap continues to grow and engage in society as a social entrepreneur by collaborating with NAV Trondheim and Melhus to offer work placements for more candidates. Recently, three new interns have had the opportunity to develop their skills and gain valuable experience at Daxap: Frida Sorken Isachsen as a data analyst, Una Landsem as marketer, and Inga Karkauskienė as a test developer in the Vibori project. By providing opportunities for candidates who need work experience and training, Daxap helps them develop their skills.

Daxap is determined to continue its role as a social entrepreneur by offering internships and hiring skilled employees. This will not only contribute to society and the labor market, but also strengthen the company's own growth and success. Through this approach, Daxap creates a win-win situation for both the candidates and the company, and promotes a more inclusive and sustainable labor market and society.