Daxap er nominert til Årets Sosial Entreprenør

Daxap has been nominated for Social Entrepreneur of the Year

This article is published in Ferd's page* Work inclusion is the theme for the Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2023. The winner is chosen at NHO's Annual Conference on 5 January, and receives tribute and the prize of half a million kroner in front of a full hall of politicians and managers in Norwegian...

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Mangfold og inkludering i Daxap

Diversity and inclusion in Daxap

Daxap, som en sosial entreprenør, spiller en viktig rolle i arbeidsmarkedet ved å fremme inkludering og mangfold på arbeidsplassen. Selskapet er dedikert til å skape et inkluderende miljø der ansatte med ulike bakgrunner og erfaringer kan trives og bidra til...

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Daxap etablerer Advisory Board

Daxap establishes Advisory Board

In 2023, we will put in place an Advisory Board that can bring expertise that Daxap does not have through its current employees and board members. The Advisory Board will not have voting rights, but will have significant responsibility for challenging the board to make the right...

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Digitalisering i barnehagene

Digitization in kindergartens

It is a great pleasure for us to have the opportunity to present Kiddy at BLU (kindergarten teacher training) - OsloMet - the metropolitan university's professional day which dealt with "Digitalization in kindergartens - What is happening in the field of practice now?" Managing Director Kubilay Kartal, Marketing Manager Simen...

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Gründerdagen 2022

Founder's Day 2022

Yesterday was Founder's Day 2022 in Trondheim! On days like this, we are extra proud of our own general manager, and the founder of DAXAP - Kubilay Kartal, who this time got to take part in sofa chat to be able to share his experiences as a founder in Norway. Great event we...

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Kiddy i Østlandsk Lærerstevne

Kiddy in Eastland Teacher's Conference

There have been two exciting and content-rich days at this year's Eastland Teachers' Convention, with excellent speakers and educational courses. Not least all the great exhibitors who participate! Read more about Østlandsk Lærestevne via: The next opportunity you can...

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NiT Frokostmøte

NiT Breakfast meeting

Not all days can be the same, and we are very happy about that! Today, general manager Kubilay Kartal attended the Business Association of the Trondheim Region (NiT)'s breakfast meeting at Melhus, to present his journey with DAXAP AS "A Founder's Story". In good company with Hans...

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Samling for workshop

Collection for workshop

Finally!In a company where colleagues work across the country, it is important to be able to get together. This week we had a workshop at our offices in Melhus with the whole team for the first time. The theme and focus as a social entrepreneur will always be how our work can lead...

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Daxap har fått ny investor

Daxap has a new investor

Today we in Daxap and Kiddy are proud and have the feeling of being privileged. We are looking forward to sharing with you that Anders Krohn through his American company Lemmus Lemmus LLC is now coming in as an investor and board member of Daxap! Anders is a resource person with ...

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